Make Challah and Call Me in the Morning: One doc's simple prescription

The case for a meaningful ritual in your life


Some people garden. Some people sky-dive. Some people cultivate bonsai. I make challah.

Every Friday I make challah and I have written about how this has become my meaningful ritual. A ritual that has helped to ground me and center me, re-focus me and keep me in the present. Yup, all this in a bowl of flour.

I’m so into making challah that I’ve made well over a thousand, rarely skip a Friday even if traveling and now often make them with other women. I’m so into making challah that I’ve written a book about it that was release last week from She Writes Press.

One of the reasons that keeps me coming back to my kitchen counter every Friday to crack eggs and measure salt and sugar and watch the yeast bubble and stir in the flour, then knead for my needs is that I find such meaning in this ritual. And I think - and others do too (read on below for more about that!) - that not only do we need meaningful ritual in our lives, but that many of us do not have meaningful rituals in our lives and suffer for it.

I wrote about this in Psychology Today; click the link below for the full story: