A bit about me: I’ve built my medical career around bringing wellness into everyday life, especially for busy women juggling work, children, and their relationships. I obtained my undergraduate degree in art history at the University of Pennsylvania, and my medical degree from the Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. I trained at Columbia Presbyterian in New York City, worked at Columbia’s Center for Women’s Health, and at the Women’s Health Center at the Cleveland Clinic.

While at the Cleveland Clinic, I also worked with Dr. Mike Roizen, the Cleveland Clinic’s Chief Wellness Officer, to create Lifestyle180. As the founding medical director of Lifestyle180, we built a groundbreaking lifestyle modification program to treat chronic diseases with nutrition, exercise and stress management. 

A fortuitous move to Santa Monica, CA allowed me to shift my focus from seeing patients to writing, a transformation that has allowed me to reach a broader audience of women on the issues of health and wellness. Subsequently, my first book was published in 2018, and I see patients now at the Venice Family Clinic.